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New York Trip and The Laravel Conference

I work remotely for Vegan Cuts, which is based in Canada and I work from Bangladesh. As the team is distributed, Vegan Cuts arranges meetings every year in different countries. This time I was invited to visit New York :).

It was a long journey for me, Sylhet > Dhaka > Istanbul > New York City, 20+ hours just in flight. I took 1.5 day break in Istanbul and explored the city, amazing, I must say.

At JFK airport our co-founders came to receive me, it was really nice to see them in person. We explored many cool places in New York City together and had a lot of fun. I bought a MacBook 15-inch Retina from Apple Store, which made me an OSX user after being Ubuntu user for years. Finally I and our co-founder John, who is more of a friend attended Laracon, a developer/PHP conference with focus on Laravel framework. At the conference we met some developers.

If you’re interested you can view the photos:
New York Photos
Istanbul Photos