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New York Trip and The Laravel Conference

I and John at Laracon

I work remotely for Vegan Cuts, which is based in Canada and I work from Bangladesh. As the team is distributed, Vegan Cuts arranges meetings every year in different countries. This time I was invited to visit New York :).

It was a long journey for me, Sylhet > Dhaka > Istanbul > New York City, 20+ hours just in flight. I took 1.5 day break in Istanbul and explored the city, amazing, I must say.

At JFK airport our co-founders came to receive me, it was really nice to see them in person. We explored many cool places in New York City together and had a lot of fun. I bought a MacBook 15-inch Retina from Apple Store, which made me an OSX user after being Ubuntu user for years. Finally I and our co-founder John, who is more of a friend attended Laracon, a developer/PHP conference with focus on Laravel framework. At the conference we met some cool developers. Overall, it was an amazing experience, full of fun.

If you’re interested you can view the photos:
New York Photos
Istanbul Photos