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My YouTube Journey - I am Making Coding Tutorials

I know I am not active in my blog these days, I can make lots of “excuses”, but I am just gonna provide two reasons:

  1. I have moved to the UK.
  2. I am making YouTube videos.

Well it doesn’t mean the blog is gone, in fact I am writing this post to assure you that I will keep writing.

Instead of telling you what I am doing on YouTube (well, you can see it there, no point in writing) I will tell you what I have learnt so far on my short YouTube journey. I can’t say that I am successful in YouTube but I am growing, very slowly though.

I have learnt few things so far and I am strictly following these, I kind of made these my policies. Let me shares these with you:

  1. People mostly don’t like very short videos.
  2. Unlike coding blogs people like to hear stories on YouTube, yes, even on coding videos. Make your tutorial a story.
  3. Thumbnail and title mean a lot more than you think.
  4. “Perfection is the enemy of progress”, while it may be true while you just want to make “progress”, but after a certain point if you want to grow you have to spend a lot of time making it better.
  5. Making a well thought, well researched video is way better than making lots of subpar videos. It took me 6 weeks to build this video, zero to finish, working 1 day (Saturday) a week on this.
  6. In YouTube people love to know there is a real person behind the video.
  7. Spend much more time on “what to make” rather than “how to make”.

Yeah, that is it for now. Please do subscribe.