Hide Twitter Replies – Google Chrome Extension

Finally, new Twitter profile has this feature built-in. This project is now deprecated and no longer supported.

Are you annoyed by the @replies on Twitter? Be it on any profile or news feed, it looks like a chat session. Now you can hide these annoying replies and you can see the genuine tweets. Install this extension on Google Chrome and you will find a “Hide Replies” button on Twitter, clicking it will hide all the replies, clicking it again will show the replies.

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Install it by clicking the link below then click “ADD TO CHROME”

Install Extension

Hide Twitter Replies, Google Chrome Extension

Bangla Font for Android (without rooting)

Newer versions of Android handles Unicode really well. This project is now deprecated and no longer supported.


I have received too many requests for a Bangla Font for Android. Unfortunately Android is not so matured in handling Unicode and Complex Script and there was no way of installing new font without rooting the device, but Samsung has come up with a great way allowing installing fonts. So I have created this Bangla Font which will work on Samsung Devices or other devices with custom font support, so now you can see Bangla in Applications, but don’t get too excited, the complex script (Jukto Borno and so) may not appear correctly in some devices, also some carriers may create some problems. I have tried a lot to solve the issue but I couldn’t, well I said Android is not that matured in that way. So this Font comes without any warranty, so I haven’t published it in the Android Market.
There is a proverb in Bangla:
নাই মামার চেয়ে কানা মামা ভাল

So please try to be happy at least now you can see Bangla in your apps without rooting the device 🙂


  • First of all don’t use Opera Mini browser for any of the steps below, use Android’s default browser.
  • Go to your device’s Settings > Application and make sure “Unknown sources” is checked. If you see any warning click OK.
  • Download the Font file to your Phone or Tablet from this link http://j.mp/banglaf .
    Either go to browser and type this link http://j.mp/banglaf
    Or Scan the QR Code below with your Barcode Scanner app and go to the link (by tapping “Open browser” button)


    Or Download the file in your PC and transfer to Phone http://j.mp/banglaf

  • Open the downloaded file by tapping, in your device and Install
  • Go to Settings > Display > Font style and Select BanglaFont, tap OK then tap “Restart now”.

That’s it. Now start your device’s browser and visit the link http://j.mp/bangladroid if you see the proverb (nai mama) above then it’s okay.

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Credit: Based on Open Source font Monalam, sorry link is not available now.

Phonetic Bangla – Write Painless Bangla Across the Web

Now you can Write cross platform Phonetic Bangla accross the web. No matter what the Operating System is, you can write phonetic Bangla in Facebook, Google, Yahoo or any other website with Google Chrome. You do NOT need any other software to be installed in order to use this. Rich text editors are not working with Bangla yet, we are working on it.

Download the Extension from Chrome Web Store.

Download from Chrome Web Store

Press CTRL + Q to switch between Bangla and English.

Just type and press Space and or Enter and it will be converted to Bangla.

Its powered by Avro, thank you Avro Team.

Enjoy 🙂

English to Bangla Dictionary for Android

Update 10 Jun 2013:
181,702 Downloads with 4.37 average rating 🙂

It’s being a long time since we planned to develop a Bangla language related application for Android. After a long discussion we decided to create a Bangla Dictionary based on Google Dictionary. The main-pain was the font, Android is not yet matured enough to handle Unicode. After some challenges we successfully integrated universal Bangla font with our new Android app. We have published the app in the Android Market. The day we published the app totally amazed us with an overwhelming response, we never expected our app will be loved by so many people. Few days ago the total downloads exceeded 5000 with 30 ratings averaging 4.6 / 5 . The number may not be that high for an international audience focusing app, but its real high for Bengali people focusing app. Download the app from the market by clicking here.

Bangla Dictionary for Android

Works fine with most devices, some Android devices with less or no complex script(most of these are called Jukto Borno in Bangla) support may show some Bangla words (with Jukto Borno) broken. Devices with complex script support show everything perfectly.