My Lifestyle – Apps and Productivity

Since my childhood, I have always been obsessed with technology. Today I am gonna share with you, how I handle my day to day life using technology. This article just covers some productivity tools that I use. If you find this article helpful then leave a comment down below. If it seems that it’s helping many people then in future I will write about how I handle work, communication, finance, health etc.

I & Setup

I am a software engineer at Vegan Cuts, working remotely from, Sylhet, Bangladesh.

MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013), OSX Yosemite
Nexus 5, Android Lollipop

I work from home.

Productivity Tools

Pocket Casts

A great app (not free) for keeping up with and listening to podcasts. When I have time or sometimes when I’m in commute I plug my earphones. Some of the channels I usually follow:


For grocery todos to travel abroad todos, this app is great. It’s a really simple and clean app, but there is also power inside. When I have something in my mind, I just say “Okay Google, make a note to do something” and I can forget about it. I always keep a Wunderlist widget in my home screen.

Rescue Time
It always keeps track of my time, I can see where I spend most of my time when I am in my computer or phone.

Most used app in my phone. Have you found a great article and don’t have time to read it right now? Just click the Pocket button. Later you can read it in the comfort of your couch in a nice pleasing-to-eye view. When I like an article so much and I think it’s worth keeping in my library then I share this to Evernote and it saves the whole article for me.

Google Fit
It automatically keeps track of my workouts. Whenever I take a walk or ride my bike with my phone in pocket, this app records it. I don’t have to click play-pause or anything. I can see some stats, like how close I’m with my daily goal.

Now I don’t have to remember any password. I just press Cmd + \ . The more we can declutter our brain the more we can install creativity. And did I say it’s secure?

Sleep as Android
I have to face captcha if I want to dismiss an alarm.

Blogs and Books (not to be confused with lifehacker).
I always follow this blog, they publish some really great articles about productivity and lifestyle in general.

I really admire Sandeep Maheshwari, he is an Indian entrepreneur and motivational speaker. I always watch his videos. Almost all his videos are in Hindi though.

Personally I don’t like much detailed books, so it’s my lacking that I don’t read many books. But some of books I read and I strongly recommend:
Think and Grow Rich

I remember while reading Think and Grow Rich, I drew images of some of my dreams as instructed in the book, then I took action. Within 15 months my dreams were fulfilled.

I use the Kobo app for buying and reading books on my phone, I prefer it over Nook because Kobo is available in my country. For reading digital books bought from outside Kobo I use the Kindle app in my phone. I also like paper books but availability and shipping cost matter where I live.

Stay productive!

New York Trip and The Laravel Conference

I and John at Laracon

I work remotely for Vegan Cuts, which is based in Canada and I work from Bangladesh. As the team is distributed, Vegan Cuts arranges meetings every year in different countries. This time I was invited to visit New York :).

It was a long journey for me, Sylhet > Dhaka > Istanbul > New York City, 20+ hours just in flight. I took 1.5 day break in Istanbul and explored the city, amazing, I must say.

At JFK airport our co-founders came to receive me, it was really nice to see them in person. We explored many cool places in New York City together and had a lot of fun. I bought a MacBook 15-inch Retina from Apple Store, which made me an OSX user after being Ubuntu user for years. Finally I and our co-founder John, who is more of a friend attended Laracon, a developer/PHP conference with focus on Laravel framework. At the conference we met some cool developers. Overall, it was an amazing experience, full of fun.

If you’re interested you can view the photos:
New York Photos
Istanbul Photos

Goals of First Quarter of 2012

Goals of last quarter was a 100% success, alhamdulillah (praise be to God).

Now goals of frist quarter of 2012:
Inshallah (God willing) I will …

  1. Build strong hands on Java with Android.
  2. Write 3 blog posts on tech stuff.
  3. Reach 2700 reputation level at Stack Overflow .
  4. Contribute on some selected projects on Github.
  5. Finish the book jQuery Novice to Ninja.
  6. Have a revitalizing tour.
  7. Read 2 Islamic Books.

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Goals of Last Quarter of 2011

I will…..
1. Reach 2000 reputation level at
2. Buy an Asus Eee Pad Transformer (tablet)  *
3. Finish the book “Professional PHP5” from wrox
4. Write 5 blog posts on tech stuff
5. Release 2 open source projects
6. Park in a proper place
7. Have at least 1 tour outside my comfort zone
8. Fork some code on CodeIgniter’s github repository
9. Read at least 1 Islamic book

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Inshaallah (God willing).