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Canva to Shopify - SEO & Live Updates

I was playing with retail business, in custom perfumes niche. Selling online in Shopify. Obviously I didn’t have the time to manage the store, so I outsourced it to a freelancer.

He used Canva to design images and videos for the store. I was impressed with the quality of the designs.

Things were going well, but I wanted to launch a marketing campaign. I needed a very catchy landing page. I asked the freelancer to design a landing page for me. And the first time I saw him struggling to come up with something.

He tried several Shopify apps to design a landing page. But he got burned out and gave up.

I asked can’t we use Canva to design the landing page? Canva has a super underrated feature that allows you to publish your Canva design as a website.

But… wait, how do I get the website into Shopify?

As a developer, I knew it was possible. But I didn’t have the time to do it myself.

And that’s how Canvify was born.

Canvify is a Shopify app that allows you to import your Canva website into Shopify. You do not need special landing page apps. You do not need to pay an expert to design your landing page.

Add, edit anything from Canva’s editor. And in one click, it’ll be live in your Shopify store.

I hope you enjoy it.

Canvify is available in the Shopify App Store:

A Shopify influencer actually created a video where he explains better than I do. Check it out: