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Bangla Font for Android (without rooting)

Newer versions of Android handles Unicode really well. This project is now deprecated and no longer supported.

I have received too many requests for a Bangla Font for Android. Unfortunately Android is not so matured in handling Unicode and Complex Script and there was no way of installing new font without rooting the device, but Samsung has come up with a great way allowing installing fonts. So I have created this Bangla Font which will work on Samsung Devices or other devices with custom font support, so now you can see Bangla in Applications, but don't get too excited, the complex script (Jukto Borno and so) may not appear correctly in some devices, also some carriers may create some problems. I have tried a lot to solve the issue but I couldn't, well I said Android is not that matured in that way. So this Font comes without any warranty, so I haven't published it in the Android Market.
There is a proverb in Bangla:
নাই মামার চেয়ে কানা মামা ভাল

So please try to be happy at least now you can see Bangla in your apps without rooting the device 🙂


That's it. Now start your device's browser and visit the link http://j.mp/bangladroid if you see the proverb (nai mama) above then it's okay.

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Credit: Based on Open Source font Monalam, sorry link is not available now.